Should Private Practices be Using Social Media?

Many doctors that own a small private practice are wondering, should I be using social media? The answer is a resounding yes. Healthcare is a great industry to use social media and it can grow your practice as well as make your clients healthier and it might even help free up your schedule a bit. Here are a few ways that you can use social media in your small private practice:

Health Tips – Keeping your patients healthy is your main goal as a doctor. Letting your patients know about ways to stay healthier can be a great way to cut down on office visits and keep them healthy. You might Tweet about flu shots when the season starts or heart healthy foods to your patients that have heart issues. You might give your patients the option of receiving a variety of different Tweet messages that are broken down by topics or health issues.

Practice Info – You can use your Facebook page and Twitter account to keep your patients up to date on your practice. If you are going to be closed for the holidays or are bringing on a new doctor or nurse you can let you patients know with a quick update. Your patients will appreciate the update and you don’t have to worry about people showing up at your closed office.

Blog – You should set up a blog on your website that you hired web design companies to build. You can use your blog to talk about general health problems and what can be done to prevent or treat them. Introducing new drugs is a great way to use your blog, if a new treatment is hitting the market many of your patients might be interested. You can also talk to them about new procedures that your practice is offering. It is important that you don’ t constantly market on your blog. Be sure to offer your patients advice that is useful to them and not a constant barrage of marketing.

Events – If your practice is offering free blood pressure test or discounted flu shots you should send out a Tweet to alert your patients. A heart healthy workshop or a local lecture from a heart specialist is another reason to reach out to your patients. You can use Facebook or Twitter to let them know about upcoming events that might be of interest to them.

Don’t Over Do It – One of the most important things in social media is to keep your posts and tweets to the point and interesting to your audience. Do not go overboard and barrage them with a dozen messages a day.

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